Phase 2

Phase 2 Complete ✓

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Fuselage Frame

New Experimental Super Cub Javron fuselage was brought to our fabricator and modifications were made.

Powder Coating

Fuselage and tail feathers were inspected and brought to Advanced Powder Coating in Wasilla where they were coated with two coats of a zinc primer, and a top coat of black.

Fuel System

Installed a Steve’s Gascolator, thanks to a donation from Steve’s Aircraft. (It’s our personal favorite.)

Brake System

Beringer brakes installed.

Interior Panels

Panels were created using Carbon Concepts two ply sheets. Our panels are always mocked up, then cut to each specific airframe to ensure optimal fit. Floorboards are two two ply carbon sheets with a foam core for added durability.


We finalized our design, an ode to our first Danchini Cub, after quite a few attempts – and settled on a gravel bar camo combination that we feel compliments the carbon fiber interior & black and grey Sport Aircraft Seats quite well. We made sure to keep our classic rounded waves in the design & choose strategic shades for the tops of the wings – for frost mitigation on cold winter days.

Fabric & Paint

Wings, tail feathers, ailerons, flaps, and fuselage covered in Stewarts Systems. Prepped, and shot with EcoFill, then painted Midnight Black and Dawn Patrol Grey. All paint mixed in house using our Stewart System set-up at our wolf lake paint mix studio.


Brand new Aerorecip O-360-C2E XP360 engine unboxed and installed on the fuselage for cowling fabrication. Aerorecip was kind enough to assemble and dyno test at their facility. Dyno was conducted with a rubbert exhaust system, one e-mag, one slick mag, and 9.1 pistons. Dyno testing came back at 194.4HP.