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Alaska Airmen’s Association Raffle Cub

Each year, the Alaska Airmen Association hosts the most spectacular charity raffle across Alaska, with a noble cause at its heart — to champion, safeguard, and celebrate aviation in this breathtaking state. The Association collaborates with esteemed aviation enterprises worldwide, offering an opportunity to win a splendid bush-ready aircraft and numerous other extraordinary aviation treasures.

This year, we at Danchini Aero are thrilled to partner with the Alaska Airmen's Association, contributing our craftsmanship and passion to construct the grand prize: the 2024 Raffle Aircraft!

What Does the 2024 Raffle Aircraft Benefit?

Proceeds from this exhilarating raffle directly fuel all Association initiatives — from advocacy efforts and scholarship programs to cutting-edge NextGen events and thrilling Fly-Ins. Every ticket you secure for the Aircraft Raffle Fundraiser is a testament to your support for General Aviation in Alaska. 

So, come aboard, participate in this magnificent journey, and help us keep the Alaskan skies vibrant and inspiring for all aviators.

About the Raffle Cub Build

Danchini partnered with the Alaskan Airmen’s Association to build the 2024 Raffle Plane. It’s a huge honor to be chosen by the Airmen’s Association and we are proud to build what is in our opinion, the perfect working Alaskan bush plane. 

Technical Specs

  • Engine: Aerorecip O-360
  • Fuselage: Danchini Cub Experimental PA-18
  • Fabric & Paint: Unveiled soon!
  • Wings: Javron square tips with extended flap and aileron
  • Exhaust: Rubbert
  • Lift Struts: Airframes Aluminum
  • Prop: Catto
  • Shocks: Acme Black Ops
  • Gear Legs: Acme 3” Extended
  • Wheels and Tires: Airframes 10” wheels and 35” Alaska Bushwheels
  • Tanks: 23gal
  • Brakes: Beringer
  • Avionics: Garmin G5, Garmin GTR200B, AREA660, GDL50
  • Storage: Alaska Bush Pod Jumbo Pod
  • Interior: Carbon Fiber and Sports Aircraft Seats
  • Carburetor: Tempest MA4-5
  • Gross Payload: 2,200lbs

Precision Meets Passion

Everything we have learned flying, maintaining, and building Super Cubs has gone into this aircraft. We left no stone unturned and every single part of this airplane has a purpose.

The passion extends to our partners with this one-of-a-kind build. Javron Aviation wings and fuselage, Stewart Systems fabric and paint, Aerorecip engine, Sport Aircraft Seats, Beringer brakes, Alaska Bushwheels, ACME gear legs and shocks, Carbon Concepts interior, Rubbert exhaust and intake, and Whelen WAT lights.

Much of this build was completed by two recipients of the Airmen’s Association professional scholarships. The scholarships are funded by proceeds from the raffle plane. The mechanics building this plane are where they are because of the raffle planes that came before them.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

We stripped down the experimental PA-18 platform and spec’d this project with ultimate intentionality. We are built a plane that is more than lightweight, it’s a true backcountry workhorse that can take a beating and fly you safely back home.

Garmin avionics and our custom dash layout give you “just enough” - meaning you have more than ample safety margin without the weight of extraneous electronics.

Extended flaps, lightweight construction, and a hopped up Aerorecip O-360 give you a stall speed and control that bush pilots only dream about.

Finishing Touches to a Masterpiece Coming Soon!

Let's get started on your own custom Cub!

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