Cub Services


Shop Rate $130.00 / Hour

Annuals, 100 Hour & Conditional Inspections

Thorough inspections for both Certified and Experimental Super Cubs with discounts offered for recurring aircraft.

Shop Rate for Inspections:
$1200 for 1st time Inspections, $900 for recurring inspections.

*Tie down space available outside hangar for additional fee.

retro cub

Fabric Work & Painting

Minor fabric repairs to full fuselage & wing re-cover projects using PMA/STC-approved Stewart Systems.

With our in-house paint mixing facilities we can ensure your aircraft looks its best without the hassle of shipping paint up from the lower 48.


Nestled between Wasilla and Palmer, Wolf Lake is centrally located and has 2800′ of usable lake. No need for a trailer – we’ll safely haul out and launch your plane if desired.

super cub launching on wolf lake
hydraulic wheel skis


When snow is on the ground Wolf Lake offers a couple different options for ski strips. A 2600′ x 100′ unplowed, gravel-in-the-summer strip is available – or (snow permitting) land on a 1600′ section that will put you right at our hangar door. Plus, the main 3800′ strip is plowed all year round for anyone on wheel-skis.

Engine Inspections, Overhauls & Swaps

If your engine is timed out, or you simply want a bit more power – we can help.

danchini aero working on aircraft wing

Major Repairs & Alterations

We understand that no Super Cub is the same and aircraft repairs can be a complex undertaking. That’s why we tailor repair services to your timeline and budget ensuring you receive the best possible solutions without sacrificing safety. With priority access to a local PA-18 jig and a highly skilled structural repair and fabricator we can have you back in the sky quickly and painlessly.

Our process includes an initial inspection or investigation (if required), generating a quote, ordering necessary parts, and scheduling the repair. We can even include tie-down at our hangar between inspection and repair if we perform the work. And while special order parts must be paid for in advance, in-stock parts can be paid for at the completion of the repair.

Avionics Upgrades

Fully customizable panels tailored to your exact needs. Whether you’re looking to keep a simple and original panel design with upgraded technology – or build an entirely new autopilot equipped panel for your cub. Our team is here to ensure your cockpit is equipped with the latest technology tailored to your needs.

autopilot panel, garmin

Remote Work

Some of our mechanics – are also skilled off-airport pilots. And with our Danchini Aero hangar cub we have the ability to reach you virtually anywhere a Super Cub can land. Whether you’re out on a gravel bar, or stuck at your remote cabin, our team can provide assistance on anything from a simple magneto issue to needing an aircraft recovered safely.

We have extensive experience in prop-strike and turnover recoveries without helicopter sling loading, and without further damaging your aircraft. Along with a proven track record of working with major insurance providers.

Shop Rate for Hourly Maintenance Work: $130 per hour

  • Annual, 100 hour, & Conditional Inspections
    We understand that annuals can be stressful and as such we strive to provide full transparency. All inspections are fully completed first, and any squawk list is brought to you for sign-off before any new parts are installed or any alterations are preformed.

    Shop Rate for Inspections:
    $1200 for 1st time Inspections, $900 for recurring inspections.

  • Float & Ski Changes
    Our Wolf Lake location’s unique features – a grass strip and lake access from the hangar – allow us to perform same-day float & Ski changeovers. 
    Please note that we do not provide float storage, and transportation for floats to and from the hangar for your change-over incurs an additional cost.

    Shop Rate for Float & Ski Swaps:
    Dependent upon aircraft – give us a call!