Danchini Cub

Our flagship that has logged several thousand hours in the Alaskan backcountry since it first flew in 2021. Our experimental PA-18 Danchini Cub has flown to and from Nome - twice and flown to Palmer or Merril Field on a parts run - a few more times than twice.

Technical Specs

  • Engine: O-340, 180+ HP
  • Fuselage: Danchini Cub Experimental PA-18
  • Fabric & Paint: Stewart Systems Santa Fe Red & Charcoal Gray
  • Wings: Dakota Cub square tips
  • Exhaust: Rubbert
  • Lift Struts: Airframes Aluminum
  • Prop: 86/36 Catto
  • Shocks: Acme Black Ops
  • Gear Legs: Airframes 3” Extended
  • Wheels and Tires: Airframes 10” wheels and 35” Alaska Bushwheels
  • Tanks: 23 Gallon
  • Avionics: Garmin G5, Garmin GTR200B, AREA660, GDL50
  • Storage: Alaska Bush Pod Jumbo Pod
  • Interior: Carbon Fiber and Sports Aircraft Seats
  • Carburetor: Tempest MA4-5
  • Skis: Carbon Concepts
  • Gross Payload: 2,200lbs
  • Build Time: 6 months

Danchini Cub

Everything that we advocate for at Danchini Aero has been tried and tested on our own aircraft. Whether it is trying different pitches on a Catto propeller or our recommended avionics, we try it before you buy it.

Stewart Systems fabric and paint is used on every plane that is built at Danchini Aero. It is just as durable as solvent based systems, and we know that because of our real-world testing.

Shocks, brakes, wheels, and tires are all tested in different configurations and all seasons. Acme shocks and Beringer brakes are the top solution for the Alaskan application, and we’ve tested most of them all!

Backcountry Application

Junior configured and built a plane to make it’s living in a true off-airport application. Short take off and landing (STOL) is nothing without durability when you’re flying the bush.

Overbuilt where needed, no frills where it’s not. That’s our approach and why we traded headliners on the inside for reinforced gear legs on the out!

Features like a removable tail cleanout panel are standard, giving you the ability to wash out the floor of your Danchini Cub with a garden hose. We also make extended baggage doors, double baggage doors, and a seamless baggage floor standard for moving meat and gear.

4-Season Workhorse

Our Danchini Cub is at home on wheels, skis, or floats. The only configuration we’ve found that it doesn’t like is being on a tie down when the sky is blue!

Hunting season is when a Danchini Cub really shines. With a full carbon belly pod and over 1,000lbs of useable weight - getting camp in and a moose out is just another day at work.

Flying in Alaska is a year-round affair if you’re on skis. We use Carbon Concept’s lightweight skis and couldn't’ be happier.

Let's start your custom Super Cub build!

A Danchini Cub a rugged bush plane for remote 4-season Alaskan missions. Our Super Cubs are designed to perform flawlessly, even in the harshest environments. Explore our portfolio and discover how our work speaks for itself at Danchini Aero.